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Apr 7, 2008:
AMX opens state-of-the-art New York showroom. It features an interactive demonstration platform with control of nearly 300 third party products with real time equipment monitoring and feedback.

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The backbone of any electronic house is the data network - an increasing number of 'network ready' products are coming to market. Whilst this can seem like an un-necessary complication, there are great benefits to be had from connecting them up on a network - 'rip' your entire CD collection and access them from any room in the house. Get the latest weather report or stock updates on your control system. We can help you make the most of your equipmemt's potential by wiring it up and giving you control.


The latest in modern technology, natch

Who can remember life before the cellphone? It's less than twenty years since they became a common sight but they have totally reshaped our lives. However, tradtional phones can actually be far more useful in the wired home - you can answer the door intercom from any room, monitor a baby sleeping upstairs or page someone to come down for dinner without having to search the house.

Whether you are looking for a wireless network to use your laptop in the living room, or whether you want to run fiber to your beach house, we have the knowledge and experience to design, configure and support any data network you might need and to make it happen reliably and discretely, with the minimum of fuss.