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Apr 7, 2008:
AMX opens state-of-the-art New York showroom. It features an interactive demonstration platform with control of nearly 300 third party products with real time equipment monitoring and feedback.

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So how does this help the environment?

We want to preserve the environment

Our impact on the environment is not a new topic of debate. However, it is one of increasing concern as we get a better idea of the rate at which we are using up the finite resources around us. The electronics industry is one of the biggest consumers of natural resources such as copper, cadmium and selenium and does very little in the way of recycling. It contributes greatly to the emission of greenhouse gases and is responsible for the consumption of vast amounts of energy.

But what can I do?

Starting to address these issues is not easy - after all, who wants to give up their hairdryer, computer or television? It is, however, possible to make a difference in three major ways:

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